Friday, November 2, 2012

Things I Learn From the Internet

I was perusing an online shopping website - as one naturally does the Friday after payday - and noticed that one of the filter options for a shoe search was labeled.... "flatforms"..... 
I was not aware this word existed. I was pretty sure it must be a new type of shoe, so I clicked the filter and feasted my eyes. As it turns out, its NOT a new type of shoe - I just never new this style of shoe was popular enough to warrant a name. And now, thanks to, YOU can feast your eyes, too. Personally I'm undecided as to whether the leopard print here makes these better in a Go Big or Go Home kind of way, or worse. But one thing is for sure: you know the first blush of youth is gone when your first thought on seeing a Latest Fashion is to sigh something like "oh, kids these day." (it is, and I did).