Friday, November 2, 2012

Things I Learn From the Internet

I was perusing an online shopping website - as one naturally does the Friday after payday - and noticed that one of the filter options for a shoe search was labeled.... "flatforms"..... 
I was not aware this word existed. I was pretty sure it must be a new type of shoe, so I clicked the filter and feasted my eyes. As it turns out, its NOT a new type of shoe - I just never new this style of shoe was popular enough to warrant a name. And now, thanks to, YOU can feast your eyes, too. Personally I'm undecided as to whether the leopard print here makes these better in a Go Big or Go Home kind of way, or worse. But one thing is for sure: you know the first blush of youth is gone when your first thought on seeing a Latest Fashion is to sigh something like "oh, kids these day." (it is, and I did). 


  1. When I read of someone going online to browse shoe fashions on payday, my first thought is also "O kids these days!".

  2. I've never heard of flatforms either. Are they for short people?

  3. I'm pretty sure kids these days would not dare walk out into public wearing these shoes.